Integration Meetup – The Integration Platform of Tomorrow

Integration Meetup – The Integration Platform of Tomorrow

tisdag, 21 februari, 2017
17:00 - 18:00

Om evenemanget

Welcome a seminar in the Integration Meetup. The host of the evening is Michael Medin.

Micro-services, APIs, Big-data, Fast-data etc etc . The integration challenges are changing and thus also must the integration platform… but into what and why?

And how can we embrace that change yet bring our legacy with us?

This will be an interactive session where we will pose some of the integration challenges we have today and discuss how we can solve them. And hopefully buy the end we will have a pretty good picture of tomorrows integration platform…

And more importantly we will understand what we need to build the next generation SOA which caters to both the modern micro-service API generation as well as the COTS and cloud solutions…

The format of the session will be open and we expect a lot of crowd participation so bring along all your ponderings, thoughts and war stories!

We will start mingling with something to drink and eat at 17:00 and kick off the session at 17:30.