Integration Meetup – A Startup’s Journey – What choices would you make?

Integration Meetup – A Startup’s Journey – What choices would you make?

torsdag, 2 februari, 2017

Om evenemanget

Cloud? Containers? Microservices? Agile? Continuous Delivery? Frontend frameworks? Full-stack Developers or Specialists? TDD? What choices would you make when building an application from scratch? Imagine there is no technical debt. Only your imagination limits the choices you can make. Oh, and the old budget, deadline and scope constraints… They also limit the choices!

Our Journey from Blank Paper to SaaS

This Meetup will describe our journey from blank paper towards a Financial Software-as-a-Service solution within the Automotive Industry. A start-up company had been bought by a large owner, and the existing solution wouldn’t scale to the levels needed by very large customers. R2M was given a budget, requirements spec and around 15 months to re-build a system from scratch that had grown organically over 5 years.

We will cover architectural, technology and project decisions we made to attempt to make the best application possible given our time and budget.

Join the Discussion

We will open the session for a lot of discussions to get input from the Meetup Group on how you would have approached the various decisions we made. We are looking forward to sharing, but also to listen to your experience of the endless crossroads in building an application. We all want to learn!

Welcome to listen Journey! Join us to discuss the architectural, technical and project frameworks.

R2M will offer light food and drinks from 17:00 and start the Meetup at 17:30.