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David Abramowicz

Product vision and collaborative UX

This is the second blog post in a series about understanding a new product idea. For context, see the first post here. Product Vision Board The Product Vision Board frames the rest of the two-day workshop. We try to reach consensus on very basic questions regarding a product idea. Filling in the Product Vision Board with a cross-functional team really sparks fantastic discussions. I also think it is very apparent here if there is a perspective we are missing. For instance, if the key target group is sales, why are they not represented in the workshop? The Product Vision Board is

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David Abramowicz

Is product X worth building?

Is product X worth building? Lock everyone in the same room for two days and let’s find out! Introduction Working for a software development consulting firm, we often get the question “How much would it cost to build product X?” The customer wants to understand if this is a product idea worth investing in. If a customer believes the cost of building the product can only be understood by a several week or month long prestudy with stakeholder interviews, requirements catalogues and architectural diagrams it can leave them hesitant to explore product ideas. If you don’t explore product ideas that